Car Selection Simplified

Car-buying doesn't have to be a confusing, time-consuming, lengthy process.  We'll distill the overwhelming number of opinions on the web and in print down to information useful to your specific use and budget.

first call: free

$750 for unlimited counsel until purchase 

Maintenance 'Lifeline'/2nd opinion

Give us a call before agreeing to any work you didn't take your car in for. We'll review your estimate to make sure your mechanic or oil change attendant isn't knowingly or unknowingly misleading you. As an added benefit you'll know how to protect yourself for any future visits. On average we save our clients 40-60%!

first call: free

1/4 what you save thereafter

Dealership Accompaniment*

Intimidated by car buying? We'll minimize your need to interact with salespeople and inform you the way only a commission free 'buyer's agent' can.

first hour: free

$75/hr thereafter

Dealership Avoidance*

Prefer to avoid the dealer altogether? We can deliver vehicles to your home or office to make deciding on a car as worry free as can be.


*Available in select markets - call for details