"You helped me end a 4 month search in a matter of days with a simple pointed questions and simple suggestions about what to look for and which cars to look at. Your knowledge was impressive and you made a stressful process easy and relaxing! I think the fact that I looked for months without knowing what I really needed or wanted says it all. With your advice, really through your service, you helped me obtain all the information I needed, which allowed me to make a decision in a week. THANKS!!!"

-- V. S.

""...the way it worked for me was perfect. I liked the email and web articles. I could read them and think about them and do it as my time allowed, and reply when I was ready. I also liked that you were more teaching me about what things worked well and *why* they did, you didn't just say "well you should get this, end of discussion!" However, if I was like "well I still sort of like that other thing" you weren't pushy and all perfectionist, you would say "ok, if you're going to do that keep in mind the following..." You are sensitive to different people having different metrics and tradeoffs than your metrics and tradeoffs.""

-- N.P.

"Not only does my new car have features that my old car doesn't, but the features that they have in common are better implemented in my new car. Without the help of Car Counsel, I would have simply bought the descendant of my old car, and I now know that would have been a mistake (because the company is under different ownership). Car Counsel listened to my (lengthy and inflexible) requirements, and in return taught me about issues including engines, tires, and the myth of all-wheel drive versus front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. "Counsel" is an appropriate name for Daanesh's service, because that is what he does. I was in love with my old car, which I had for over ten years, but I already like my new car better. What about it don't I like? Turning it off and getting out!"

-- N.P.